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There is no Ad Clerum in January 2015 

Vestry 2015
Information and Rules and Guidelines

Vestry deadline for Parishes: 08 March 2015
Vestry submission deadline to Diocesan Office: 01 April 2015

2014 Communicants Returns Form 
Submission to Diocesan Office 10 February 2015

What is happening in the Diocese?

Clergy Day (Life Coaching Workshop by Revd. Karl Teichert)

Date: 03rd & 04th February 2015
Time: 08h30 for 09h00
Venue: St Joseph's Diocesan Centre
Capacity: 40 Stipendiary Clerics

Date:  03rd & 04th March 2015
Time:  08h30 for 09h00
Venue: St. Joseph's Diocesan Centre
Capacity: 40 Stipendiary Clerics 

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