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Welcome to the Website of the Diocese of Johannesburg

Advent Ad Clerum 2017

Restructuring of the Diocesan Archdeaconries

Bishop's Letter
Archdeaconry Structure & Archdeacons for 2018


2017 Communicants Return. 
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2017 Year end-credit sale orders.  Click here

Yellow Pages 2017
Draft Yellow Pages 2018

Parish Leadership Training held on the 28th October 2017. 
For the presentation click here and for template click here.

Presentation to Wardens & Treasurers- 21 October 2017 Click here

Presentation to Independent Verifiers - 18 November 2017 Click here

Presentation to Parish Councillors
& Treasurers - 06 May 2017 Click here

Presentation to Wardens & Treasurers - 11 February 2017 Click here

A Plan for Implementing our Vision