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    Have you considered the accessibility of your church for people with disabilities in wheelchairs. Please click here for the  Ad on ramp up in churches.

    To the Laos - To the People of God: February 2017

    The Diocesan Library is now open.  Help in Library

    Charcoal and Incense and Wafers now available at the Diocesan Office.  See 2017 Price List

    Have you got a copy of Bishop Duncan's book yet? Click here please.  Available at the Diocesan Office

     "Casting Bread Upon the Waters" by Nigel Andrews.  Click here for details

    Hope of Blossoms in Sophiatown by Sarah Welham. Click here for details.  Available at the Diocesan Office

    The Financial Steward by KeaObaka Mahuma.  Click here for details.  Available at the Diocesan Office

    In need of Clerical Shirts.  Click here for details

    Growing the Church Newsletter - Third Quarter Newsletter

    Lead Project.  Click here for details

    Looking for an organist.  Click here for details

    Urgent Appeal from COACH.  Click here for details

    Pastoral Letter from Synod of Bishops.  Click here for details


    Upcoming events in the Diocese

    St. Peter, Auckland Park Breakfast Club.  Click here for details

    Lay Ministers Preaching Course 2017-Revd. Pat Lane.  Click here for details

    Parish Ministers Training Programme 2017.  Click here for details

    JAEI Enviro Prayer Diary-August 2017.  Click here
    for details

    Tour to Israel 2017.  Flyer and Itinerary 

    St Catherine's Spring dinner dance.  Click here for details