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Guild Guid
Knowledge is Power



(a)       To promote and encourage the participation and nurturing of men’s leadership in the life of the church.

(b)       To proclaim the Kingdom of God as manifested in Jesus Christ by:

(i)         Encouraging the participation and nurturing of boys in the life of the Church;

(ii)        Encouraging Bible Studies and Faith sharing;

(iii)       Practicing stewardship;

(iv)       Doing visitations, seeking out the sick, and practicing the ministry of healing;

(v)        Being involved in the affairs of the community;

(vi)       Promoting fellowship amongst the people

(vii)      Imitating Christ daily.



(a)        Membership is open to all good standing men of the Anglican   Church of Southern Africa ;

(b)        The age limit for admission of members shall be at the discretion of the Dioceses which will be decided by the Diocesan Conference;

(c)         A prospective member will serve probation for 3 months before formal admission;



1.      Activities that guild members engage in are:

2.      Evangelism

3.      Visiting the bereaved for prayer

4.      Visiting the sick in bed

5.      Community outreach e.g. Winter Soup Kitchen, Prison visit, Orphanage visit, etc.

6.      Praise and Worship services

7.      Assisting other Guilds and individuals in set ventures


Rule of Life

Members ought to:

(a)    Be committed followers of Christ Jesus;

(b)    Come together every week for corporate worship, work, and prayers;

(c)     Give, for the spread of the Kingdom of God;

(d)    Attend special worship services and Guild activities;

(e)    Uphold the 18th June of each year as the anniversary of the Guild.



A member is encouraged to:

(a)         Put aside time to come to God in personal prayer daily;

(b)         Be regular in the reading and studying of the Bible;

(c)         Follow Christ Jesus daily and speak about him openly as the Lord whom they know;

(d)         Witness to the Lord Jesus and in the power of the Holy Spirit;

(e)         Be God’s witnesses by example and discipline;

(f)           Bring others to the knowledge of the Lord;

(g)         Avoid the abuse of alcohol and drugs;